Aoife van Linden Tol

Architectural sonarworks

We put all so-called "immobile" architectural elements which are the result of human activity to music, in particular thanks to the creation of a specific software package. On this basis, we have defined a new type of sound language drawn from city map readings (shapefile data). For the first time, thanks to precise analyses (architectural, musical, creation of computer language), we are now capable of creating a sound score of any urbanized zone. Because they all have specific urban morphologies, cities will also have their own language. I’ve chosen (with Romain Dubois, the composer and sound engineer who followed me on this project) a live program with one piano. During one hour, we’re playing several large cities all over the world, with video covering at the same time.

Cedric Brandilly

Cedric Brandilly is a visual artist and performer. Having studied fine arts and architecture, he continued his education in the academic section of the Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofìa in Madrid. His first project, Urne, was performed at the Grand Palais in Lille during the European Contemporary Fair in April 2012. This was followed by a series of exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, Rennes. Since then, the philosopher and academician Michel Serres took an interest in Cedric's work and offered to sponsor him. At present, his work reflects both the performance practices of the Canadian and French situationists and those of Fluxus, rethinking space as a source of creation.