I sit and worry about her Jasna Jovicevic

I sit and worry about her

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 I sit and worry about her is a musical improvisation experiment that explores an authentic artistic expression through neuroscience, technology and social engagement.

I sit and worry about her Jasna Jovicevic

The working concept resembles an incessant and endless parental worry, presented auto-ethnographically through the sonification of brain waves, a constant improvised caring song. During this collaborative event, 4 mothers are subjected to the immediate brain wave analysis through the EEG monitoring. The diagram provokes thoughts and emotions related to their personal relationship with their daughters, while the artist responds to the sonified reactions through an immediate improvisation that puts human body in the role of the mediator, while creating a new artistic expression and musical fantasies. 

I sit and worry about her - Jasna Jovicevic

Jasna Jovicevic

Jasna Jovićević - BA in jazz saxophone (Budapest), a MA in composition (Toronto); currently a PhD student in the Transdisciplinary Studies of Contemporary Arts & Media (Belgrade). She won several competition awards, artist residency scholarships, played with distinguished musicians, and released several solo albums. She has also worked in education. Her work is based on the interdisciplinary approach to musical improvisations, which includes neuroscience, ecology, feminism and social engagement.