Brain Pictures - Zarko Aleksic

Brain Pictures

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Art as a dynamic pattern of activation of specific neural networks

Brain Pictures is a multidisciplinary research project connecting scientific methodologies and knowledge with artistic practice. The core of the project is the assumption that an art work activates the patterns of neural networks through external, internal or both stimuli, while the observer plays a crucial role with a set of ontological, epistemological, sociological, political and economic implications.

Brain Pictures - Zarko Aleksic

Ethical questions in relation to the use of technology, brain-machine interface and the endangered privacy through the human thoughts monitoring are also raised.
This artistic practice consists of a 2-sided brain research – scientific third-person view and a subjective first-person view – that relates to the structure of the neural activities and phenomena that emerge from them.

Darko Aleksić

Žarko Aleksić studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade. In 2019 he acquired a MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His research focuses on cognitive neuroscience, such as the perception/imagination relation, a mind/body problem, intentionality, mental representation, stream of consciousness, empathy and neuroplasticity. He is actively engaged in exhibition practice in Serbia and abroad, and the solo exhibition such as: Brain Pictures, States of Mind, etc.