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Aerosonar is a spatial audio installation which displays air pollution on a macro level in the micro environment of the exhibition space, at the same time emphasizing a human impact on air pollution. Musical composition of the installation allows the air pollution to be experienced largely through the sense of hearing, which is otherwise not the case. Human impact on the installation itself and alternating spatial conditions result in changes in the musical composition, which make visitors become aware of their impact.

Greek /āero/ “air”
Latin /sono/ “to make a noise, sound”, “to speak/utter”, “to emit sound”

Musical composition is created through the sonification of downtown Belgrade air pollution data, having each selected air pollution parameter correspond to a sound. Visitors’ impact is recorded based on their behavior in the space of installation. Each impact is recorded by the movement sensors, and this impact is then translated into a function which modifies the original air pollution composition. Visitors experience the installation space through a mutual relationship of the air pollution parameters, as well as through their personal relation to the same parameters.

Ana Todosijević
Architect and researcher focusing on the mutual connection and relationship between architecture, living systems and technology. Ana is one of the founders of the Bio2Arch, an association which gathers scientists, artists and everyone else who would like to explore the intersection of art and science through the experimental method. Bio2Arch focuses on application of biological organisms in architecture and the discovery of conceptual solutions to ecological problems, as well as the reconsideration of the relationship between biological species and the environment.

Marija Šumarac
Sound designer, composer, trombone player, and sound artist. She graduated with a BA from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Sound Recording and Design, where she is currently doing her MA studies. She worked at the Electronic Studio at Radio Belgrade. She received the Neda Depolo Award, granted by Radio Belgrade’s second channel for creative contribution to radio expression. She was one of Serbia's representatives at the Prague Quadriennal 2019. Her work includes live performance, radio, and film compositions, audio dramas and installations. She is also a member of various orchestras and jazz bands.

Ana Anastasov
Sound designer and composer. She graduated with a BA from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Sound Recording and Design, where she is currently doing her MA studies. Ana is engaged as a demonstrator in the Radio Drama Directing course at the Faculty. She is also a member of the Youth Board of Kolarac where she participates in creation of science and arts programs. In the end of last year, her composition Exolvuntur announced the “Piano Sky #2” compilation, published by the Pop Depression Records.

Collaborators on the project:
Software development: Aleksandar Kilibarda
Development of the scientific concept: Bojan Kening