a+s+cpn selection

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Since 2014, CPN has been continuously working on the formation of a sustainable network that brings together scientists and artists, encourages their cooperation and the development of joint projects. a+s+cpn selection is the result of constant reflection on collaboration models and forms of cooperation between professionals from all fields of science and art. Through this program, CPN encourages and supports collaboration, creating new connections, moving or erasing boundaries between disciplines.

This year, the focus was on the development of transdisciplinary projects tackling a wide and diverse field of ​​artificial intelligence. Through a series of meetings, we initiated a dialogue between actors dealing with different disciplines and mapped key topics and concepts through which we can observe artificial intelligence. After getting to know each other better, the participants were invited to form teams and compile project proposals for implementation within the art+science lab exhibition.

For the realisation of works, the Center provided funds for production and royalties, and provided expert and logistic support during the entire process of developing project ideas and artworks. The products of the Center's aspiration towards a deeper collaboration of actors of the scientific and artistic scene in Serbia are the works Aerosonar − a spatial audio installation that indicates the human impact on air pollution, and AI/VI − a pervasive mobile game about re-examining human and algorithmic decision-making and their consequences in the future.