Bird Song Diamond Viktorija Vesna

Bird Song Diamond: the acoustic mapping of bird song networks tech

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In collaboration with Charles Taylor, bird sounds database courtesy of Jasne Jovićević, (2014-ongoing).

The goal of this project is to understand the language of birds − of course not ALL species of birds, but at least a few, starting with those that have languages that seem complex, and yet manageable. While this has long been a desire, up to now it has not been possible, but with modern advances in computing, in linguistic analysis, and a new-found appreciation of how sophisticated other creatures can be, the grammar (and perhaps meaning) of bird song seems attainable. Each installation is habitat specific and reflects its environment and ecology.

Viktorija Vesna

Victoria Vesna, Ph.D, Artist and Professor, UCLA Department of Design, Director of the Art|Sci center at the School of the Arts and California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI). With her collaborative installations she investigates how communication technologies affect collective behavior and perceptions of identity shift in relation to scientific innovation. She has exhibited artwork in 20+ solo exhibitions, 70+ group shows, published in 20+ papers, and gave 100+ invited talks in the last decade.