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JUNE 24 – JULY 18, 2021, Pedion tou Areos public park, Athens, Greece

The exhibition „YOU AND AI: THROUGH THE ALGORITHMIC LENS“ (24/6-18/7) will take place in a public park in the centre of Athens within the framework of the EU AI Lab network. From June 24 to July 18, Pedion tou Areos will act as the backdrop for 25 artworks on artificial intelligence that take the form of digital screens and interactive works, as well as sculptures, posters, and interactive installations. The artworks examine three topics corresponding to three routes through the exhibition: (1) how we view artificial intelligence, and how it views us; (2) artificial intelligence as a key factor shaping public space, political process, and today’s democracy; and (3) artificial intelligence as a constituent part of – and substitute for – the natural environment. The exhibition is curated by: Irini Mirena Papadimitriou, Futureeverything.

The exhibition will also exist in digital form on onassis.org with public film screenings, digital works, online conferences and academic forums, and an exhibition catalog in digital format that visitors can download onto their phones.

You can also check out the exhibition glossary where you can find short definitions of words, terms or phrases used throughout the You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens exhibition and website as well as an AI Survival Guide – a list of recommended reading, research, projects, toolkits and campaigns from the creative cutting edge of AI.

For more details check the official website.