Skeens exhibition at the Cervantes Institute Gallery

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The Skeens exhibition, by the Spanish artist Elisa Cuesta, opens on September 8, in the Gallery of the Cervantes Institute, in Belgrade, as an introductory part of the art+science event: Worlds of Artificial Intelligence of the Center for the Promotion of Science.

Elisa Cuesta’s work presents a critical look at social networks and large technology corporations, questioning the lack of communications, system errors, excessive control, and virtual relationships. The name of the exhibition is a mixture of the words screen and skin in English and the setting itself contains a fabric eleven meters long, knitwear and several spools of thread.

Elisa Cuesta is a Spanish artist who deals with issues of integration of technology within society and nature, such as data values, information infrastructures and diagram figures as a tool for speculation and knowledge generation, and her exhibition at the Cervantes institute is part of the Center for the Promotion of Science event art+science which will be officially opened on September 23 at the Museum of Science and Technology. Exhibitions and accompanying programs may be visited until October 23. art+science Centra za promociju nauke, koja će zvanično biti otvorena 23. septembra u Muzeju nauke i tehnike. Izložbe i prateći programi mogu se posetiti do 23. oktobra.