National+ selection

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National+ selection has existed since 2017 when, after the first initial art+science activities and events, we learned and identified numerous independent and mostly unrelated actors of the Serbian art & science scene. Still, the term ‘national’ should be taken conditionally. It is about creators of diverse interests and practices who work and live here, however, for the most part, it is about artists who reside abroad for shorter or longer periods of time, often with minor or nonexistent relations with local actors, or other participants in transdisciplinary programmes at the intersection of science and art.

Exhibited artists belong to numerous and very heterogeneous generations of creators. From those who were among key actors of the global art+science movement’s take off and momentum decades ago, such as Dragan Ilić and Victoria Vesna, to artists of an original sensibility and already significant and globally recognisable collection of work (Vlada Joler, Karkatag group), to those who engage in related questions on the sidelines of their artistic and creative endeavours (LP Duo, Tanja Vujanović, Dušan Rodić, Dejan Vračarević), and the young and rising authors, such as Žarko Aleksić, who lives and works in Vienna, and Filip Kostić, an artist with our roots who has spent all his life in California.