a+s+cpn selection

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As a unique and innovative creative model, the a+s+cpn selection is designed with the aim to create, spread and maintain networks of artists and scientists from diverse fields and disciplines, by encouraging collaboration and development of joint projects realised through learning and experimentation. Uncertainty and dynamics of the process come from continuous multiplication, comparison and advancement of ideas and views of participants and collaborators. In the language of evolution, during the process, adaptive significance of all departures and errors is verified. In search of answers to the important questions of our time, weakening the boundaries between disciplines, works emerge that contain methodological approaches, perspectives, values and knowledge of all involved parties.

In three years since it was launched in 2018, a+s+cpn selection has gathered over 50 participants. Through meetings, workshops and support and advice from over 30 experts and scientists, they designed, tested, created and exhibited 7 works of authorial interdisciplinary teams. Result of this year’s selection is the Anatomy of Fatberg, an interdisciplinary project of the group of researchers from the fields of art and design, mathematics, machine learning, chemistry and environmental protection.