Semeion | Circuit Circus

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Semeion is an ever-evolving light and sound installation exploring Artificial Intelligence from an aesthetic and humanistic point of view. The installation consists of several large minimalist structures that individually and collectively respond to human presence. As such, it invites viewers to move around the installation to engage in a bodily conversation with artificially intelligent ‘beings’ of light and sound. Over time, the expression of these beings change based on their experience with humans, as a neural network is trained to explore what humans respond well to.

Technology is commonly built to optimize, make things faster, cheaper or more convenient. We find that the non-utilitarian aspects of technology are often overlooked, especially in newer fields, such as artificial intelligence. With Semeion, our aim is to explore how AI can be used for aesthetic exploration and social interactions, creating a ‘species’ that exists not for a utilitarian end-goal, but rather beauty, relations and curiosity.

Circuit Circus is a Copenhagen-based art and design studio formed in 2015 by a group of friends that focuses on novel and interesting encounters with technology through creating interactive experiences, spaces and artifacts. Their practice is centered around working with computational technology as a material to be explored and experienced, combining software and hardware with more traditional formgiving processes, in order to unfold new narratives around emergent technologies. Circuit Circus are Jesper Hyldahl Fogh, Christian Sivertsen, Victor Permild, Thomas Sandahl Christensen and Nina Cecilie Højholdt.