(Multi)facing anxiety

Authors: David Stanley, Bojana S. Knežević, Andrej Savić, Milica Velimirović Bogosavljević, Maja Pantović Stefanović

Year after year, the number of people suffering from some type of anxiety disorder has been growing all over the world.

The aim of the (Multi)facing anxiety project is to raise awareness and help destigmatize anxiety disorders as one of the most frequent and severely debilitating mental disorders.

The exploration of anxiety evolves through the form of an interactive audio-visual installation, which involves audio testimonies of people who have felt strong anxiety in their lifetime. While listening to these statements, the visitors will be surrounded by lights reflecting the differences in brain waves in a relaxed and aroused anxious mental state. The lights will multiply in the mirror-circled room, creating a feeling of being in an infinite space.

During the exhibition, the spectators will be asked to place a GSR device on their index finger. The device will generate signals based on their emotional response to the story and the environment. The GSR responses will be recorded and later compared in order to explore how we are affected by other people’s experiences of anxiety, and whether we respond to the same stimuli in a similar way.

* Exposure to lights or sound could aggravate cardiovascular, neurological or any other permanent medical condition.