Casper’s ex | Casper de Jong

2 min read

Casper’s Ex is a lonely smartphone that’s been left behind and is trying to connect with you while you are passing by, eager to tell its side of the story.

Casper’s Ex is a playful interactive installation on the relationship between human beings and everyday technology. More specifically, this installation is about the relationship between our smartphones and ourselves. We feel attached to our devices, but as soon as a newer and better model crosses our path, we trade them in without remorse. A single ‘I really liked that phone’s layout’ will be heard, and we move on even though we committed to them for a couple of years. The phone, however, cannot move on. Your data, your scent, and your picture is all they have left. It will probably wait in a drawer for you to ever come back and will get very, very lonely.

Casper de Jong is an interactive designer in the field of Art and Technology, based in Utrecht, Netherlands. In the last years he’s been designing interactive installations and exhibitions. In his art he finds ways to attract participants and trigger them to think about social and technological subjects. In his interactive exhibition design he triggers people to experience art, design and knowledge on a new level. He believes in the human as a playing creature. He tries to make people active again, to play and to open their imagination. Everyone is a creator, sometimes you just have to get it out. Casper does occasional readings and workshops about Robots, robots and society and robots in schools, etc.