Running at Frame Rate Filip Kostic

Running at Frame Rate

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software variable installation, music and sound design by Torus, 2020

Running at Frame Rate is a gaming software with frame rate as its core mechanic. The artwork addresses the technological assumption that photo-real representation of the physical world is a constant and exponential hardware and software movement. Herein, the computer is the main character whose primary goal is to render efficiently while reaching its extreme limits. The software continually remembers its performance and reacts to it with various optimizations. It is a world construction exercise through both the pragmatic assembling of it on the screen, while the narrative emerges from the hardware reaction to the software. Thus, the project questions the increasingly accurate photoreal representation in games and simulation, without the simultaneous materialization of these realities.

Running at Frame Rate
FIlip Kostic

Filip Kostić is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles. His work examines the relationship between the self, the uploaded and continually updating digital-self, and the the apparatus which facilitate the upload. He is an assistant professor at ArtCenter College of Design. His work has been shown at Projektwohnung Krudebude (Leipzig), NAVEL, Elevator Mondays, Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Roger’s Office (LA), at the Springbreak Art Show (NY) and at the Wind Tunnel Gallery (Pasadena).