Winner of the Climateurope2 Climatised art+science service open call

M1L3NɅ by the artist Anna Pinter from the organization "Tri Groša" was chosen as the winning project in the Climateurope2 open call - Climatised art+science Service. 
Foto: Vladimir Janić

As a part of our Climateurope2 Climatised art+science Service Open Call, we invited artists and scientists to submit breakthroughs and projects on climate services. This call invited applicants to investigate the potential of climate data, research, and services for supporting climate change resilience by offering one six-month residency between January and June 2024. that includes mentorship support, artistic research, and digital artwork production. Our distinguished jury, chaired by the Center for the Promotion of Science, selected an astonishing project M1L3NɅ, an interactive installation, a poetic text generator whose discourse revolves around climate.


The creator of the winning project, artist Ana Pinter, from the organization “Tri groša”, has a background in the performing arts and focuses on the spectators' experience. Her work now involves participative and engaging formats that integrate digital technology and audio-visual expression with performative elements, creating highly interactive experiences. M1L3NɅ installation invites visitors to a situation related to contemporary popular fortune-telling acts, like astrology and tarot reading. The curiosity of many to know the future comes from a sense of general insecurity and is always marked with a sense of hope. The prophetic spirit of the installation refers to the climate narrative in this manner. The generator will combine databases of poetic phrases created after prophetical discourses and climate data sets. M1L3NɅ stands as a testament to the transformative potential of collaborative efforts in exploring and communicating the complexities of our climate challenges.

The “prophet” consists of two parts, like in tarot reading, of the story from the past and the story of the future. The first forecast-telling process is put in motion once the visitors type in the date of significance (i.e. birthday) and M1L3NɅ provides them with a short history of global climate events since the date input. The bridge to the second part, future-telling, is represented through a personal question made to the visitor that determines the answer, the future climate forecast. The final encounter between the visitor and M1L3NɅ is an act of presenting a gift to a visitor - a “lucky card” printed in front of them. The pocket-sized card is an amulet that contains an image of a QR code with a customized story that has just been told to the visitor, as well as a small digital library of relevant sources, links, and short texts about climate change.

Foto: Vladimir Janić

Art, Science, Climate Services and Roadshow

As an integral part of Climateurope2, our community will experience a Roadshow starting from June. In summer 2024. Center for the Promotion of Science will kick off the promotion of climate services by showcasing the winning art and science proposal in 5 different locations in Southeast Europe, as an innovative approach to expanding the community of users of climate services in this currently underrepresented European region. By doing so, we will promote an evolutionary and transformative capacity building about standards and processes in climate services while driving action locally.

Stay tuned for more Roadshow information!

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