Remember me b

“... Remember me by…”

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“... Remember me by…” represents an interactive light installation inspired by the research on the process of dementia. Scientific results point to the possibility that no memory is forever lost, but instead becomes inaccessible due to the loss of connections among the nerve cells. The piece explores the relationship and emotional connection with the personal memories, through an intimate experience created to prompt self-reflection, and ask the question as to how much our identity depends on these memories. The installation itself uses our need to be remembered and become a part of someone’s memories.

Remember me by
Milan Ličina

Milan Ličina is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of the Digital Arts- Metropolitan University Belgrade. He teaches Interactive Media Design (Bachelor) and New Media design (Master). His current PhD research explores the relations between art created with deep learning algorithms and human emotional response to it. His artistic and professional practice is focused on new media research and development, rapid prototyping, site-specific interactive experiences and new media installations.

Marjana Brkic

Dr Marjana Brkić earned her PhD within the collaborative programme at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade and the Ghent University. Her research focused on animal behavior, with an emphasis of the neurodegeneration memory changes. She is a member of The Serbian Neuroscience Society and The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies. Since 2017, she holds a an expert associate position in the Center for the Promotion of Science.