(Multi)facing anxiety

(Multi)facing anxiety

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(Multi)facing anxiety project raises awareness and helps destigmatize anxiety disorders.

(Multi)facing anxiety

The exploration of anxiety evolves through an interactive audio-visual installation, with audio testimonies of people who have once felt it strongly. While listening to the statements, visitors are in the mirror-circled room, an illusory infinite space, surrounded by the multiplied lights reflecting the differences in brain waves in a relaxed and aroused anxious state.

They are asked to place a GSR device on their index finger in order to generate and record signals based on their emotional response to the story and the environment. The GSR responses are compared in order to explore how the experiences of anxiety influence the visitors and whether they respond to the same stimuli in a similar way.

(Multi)facing anxiety

* Exposure to light or sound can exacerbate cardiovascular, neurological, or any other chronic health condition.

Bojana S Knezevic

Bojana S. Knežević is a multimedia artist working in the fields of performance, video, audio-visual installation, radio art and sound art. Her socially engaged and participatory art projects aim to redefine manifold stereotypes. She holds BA and MFA degree from the Academy of Arts Novi Sad, and a PhD in Digital Arts from the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is co-author of a art and media project FEMKANJE dedicated to contemporary art, culture and feminism. 
Osnovne i master studije (smer Novi likovni mediji) završila je na Akademiji umetnosti u Novom Sadu, a doktorirala Digitalnu umetnost na Univerzitetu umetnosti u Beogradu.
Koautorka je radio emisije/podkasta i umetničkog i medijskog projekta Femkanje, posvećenog savremenoj umetnosti, kulturi i feminizmu u Srbiji, ex-YU regionu i Evropi. 

David Stanley

David Stanley is a multidisciplinary artist from Birmingham with over 10-year experience in film production, design and photography. He currently lives between UK and the Balkans. In his photos, collages and videos, his aim is to create a new reality out of the places and moments that exist and pre-existed. With his work, he hopes to encourage people to distort their own perspectives and through exploration, create new ones.
U fotografijama, kolažima i videima koje pravi za cilj ima da stvori novu realnost od mesta i trenutaka koji postoje i koji su ranije postojali. Voleo bi da svojim radom podstiče ljude da deformišu svoje sopstvene perspektive i, kroz istraživanje, stvore nove.

Dr Andrej Savić

Dr Andrej Savić received the PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering. His research has mainly involved the work in the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology, with the special focus on the brain-machine interface systems applied within the domains of neurorehabilitation/neuromodulation.

Maja Pantovic Stefanovic, MD, PhD is a psychiatrist at the Clinic of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia. She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine in Belgrade and a President Elect of the Serbian Young Psychiatrists’ Section of the Serbian Psychiatric Association. Her clinical and research engagement is directed towards biological, longitudinal changes in schizoaffective continuum. She authored and co-authored 28 papers in journals listed in Thomson Reuters. 
Njena klinička i istraživačka interesovanja usmerena su ka biološkim, longitudinalnim promena u shizoafektivnom kontinuumu. Autor je ili koautor 28 radova u časopisima indeksiranim u Thomson Reuters listi. 

Milica Velimirović Bogosavljević, MD, PhD, MPH is a teaching assistant at the Institute of medical and clinical biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. Her research engagement is directed towards biochemical and structural changes in brain in ischemic conditions and in animal models of psychiatric disease. She authored and co-authored 17 papers in journals listed in JCR list. She has been enrolled in science popular projects like brain awareness week, scientific night, science festival.