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AI/VI is an interdisciplinary pilot project dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence and its roles in modern society. It is created as a pervasive mobile game that uncovers AI, and the accompanying problematics. The aim is to put players in the position where they would question human and algorithmic ways of making decisions and their future consequences: how do we understand artificial intelligence and relate to it; what direction do we want it to take; how do we transform and shape together ourselves in the process of its creation and consumption?

Mapped locations in downtown Belgrade are topic posts that problematise dynamic relationships of the creator-AI-user system. Players continually build their relationship with AI and the reality they go through. Through the game and picnic discussions, designed as places of experience exchange, they can uncover their path, delve deeper into the problematics, and have the public actively engaged in further game developing.

AI/VI is designed by a team of professional experts from various fields gathered around a shared question – how are humans and artificial intelligence being shaped and transformed through their mutual relationship, communication, and use?

Igra ima svoju biblioteku- rizom obrazovnih resursa u kojima se međusobno isprepliću i rastu različita gledišta novosti, inovacije i problemi vezani za AI, nudeći obilje teorijskog, kritičkog, umetničkog i medijskog materijala kao plodne misaone niše za dalja kreativna lutanja.


Aleksandar Bulajić is an assistant professor at the Andragogy Department, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. His research focuses on cognitive aspects of functional illiteracy and the elements of visual perception significant to literacy. Further professional development he acquired at The Center for Cognitive Science, Technical University of Kaiserslautern. He is a member of the Andragogical Studies journal editorial board, and part of the team on a number of (inter)national research projects.

Ana Popović is a theater director, theatrologist and educator from Belgrade. She is a founder of the award-winning theater organisation Threepenny (2015) as well as the Visual Anthropology Center (2018). She is the creator of the Young Theater Experts (2016, 2019), a programme for the development of children and youth theater audiences. Currently, she is a doctoral student of the transdisciplinary art and media studies at the Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University.

Isidora Pejović Blagojević is a visual artist from Belgrade. She graduated with a BA at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Camera Operator), and an MA at the Faculty of Fine Arts (New Media Studies), where she is currently a doctoral student and teaching associate. In her artistic work, she investigates human relations with society and nature and artist’s relations towards societal norms. She conducts her research through various digital media, with a special focus on video games and generative art.

Maja Maksimović is an assistant professor at the Pedagogy and Andragogy Department, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Currently, her research encompasses intertwining of educational, activist and artistic engagement. She is a member of the European Society for Research of the Education of Adults board, and associate on projects within the International Society for Education through Art. She is one of the editors of the book Engaged Art Education.

Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić works at the Department of New Media Art, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In her work, she connects research, curatorial, pedagogical and artistic practices. In a nondisciplinary way, she explores questions of language, communication, collaboration, and identity in the context of our anthropocene environment and algorithmic management. She organises and produces numerous local and international projects at the intersection of technology, science and art.

Naučni mentor:
Collaborators on the project::
Computer programming: Filip Žarković
Graphic design: Ivan Avdić
Dialogue dramaturgy: Miloš Petrik