The Nooscope Manifested: Artificial Intelligence as Instrument of Knowledge Extractivism

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The Nooscope is a cartography of the limits of artificial intelligence, intended as a provocation to both computer science and the humanities.

Any map is a partial perspective, a way to provoke debate. Similarly, this map is a manifesto — of AI dissidents. Its main purpose is to challenge the mystifications of artificial intelligence. The purpose of the Nooscope map is to secularise AI from the ideological status of ‘intelligent machine’ to one of knowledge instruments.

Rather than evoking legends of alien cognition, it is more reasonable to consider machine learning as an instrument of knowledge magnification that helps to perceive features, patterns and correlations through vast spaces of data beyond human reach. In the tradition of science, machine learning is just a Nooscope, an instrument to see and navigate the space of knowledge (from the Greek skopein ‘to examine, look’ and noos ‘knowledge’). This diagram manifesto is another way to say that AI, the king of computation (patriarchal fantasy of mechanised knowledge, ‘master algorithm’ and alpha machine) is naked.

Dr Vladan Joler
Professor at the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad and founder of SHARE Foundation. He is leading SHARE Lab, a research and investigation lab that explores the technical and social aspects of algorithmic transparency, digital labor exploitation, invisible infrastructures, and technological black boxes.

Dr Mateo Paskvineli
Professor in Media Philosophy at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, where he is coordinating the research group on Artificial Intelligence and Media Philosophy KIM. For Verso Books he is preparing a monograph on the history of AI provisionally titled The Eye of the Master.

AUTOR: Vladan Joler i Mateo Paskvineli