AI Realities

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Programme of the sixth edition of the art+science annual event is based on critical and creative consideration, reading and interpretation of the values, systems and possibilities of artificial intelligence As a dominant super-technology of today, AI undoubtedly colors our lives, and impacts more and more the environment we are in, and the decisions we make. Thousands of researchers all over the world are engaged in its development, analysis and application, while guiding knowledge from highly heterogeneous disciplines and fields - cognitive and neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, robotics, machine learning etc. - towards creating a new technological reality. With these aspirations and accelerated content hyperproduction, many key questions and topics have been overlooked or abstracted, leaving their interpretation to those who are willing for a deeper, open and unrestrained dialogue.

Possibilities of dialogue in the third decade of the 21st century are further reduced to the screens of our call-applications and AI enhanced algorithms, while technological dominance undoubtedly increases the distance between different social strata, and finds its application first and foremost pleasing particular, commercial and closed interest of medium and large systems. In this kind of reality, examples of artists, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and big industry who are willing to consider their own positions, open their premises, and engage in the necessary conversation about the common future are of precious value. All these realities ultimately have a human face, and all these faces - no matter the titles, positions, prestige or acknowledgments they carry or obtain - are at the end of the day reduced to their humanity. The heat that burdens us, the air that suffocates us, fires or floods that we run away from, tragic news from Central Asia, Alaska, Siberia, all over Balkans… that frighten us and put a question mark above all of our heads, all these are frames of our lives that inscribe the need for urgent action, one that involves all available resources, and applies knowledge and technologies in the only possible and logical way - the human one.

Fortunately this time, technology is here, and the responsibility about the ways in which it will be used is entirely on human conscience. Technology is probably the only one that will ultimately remain, if our collective consciousness decides on a different path. Perhaps it would be poetically just that one day machines be the ones to sing about the machines, when those that created them were not able to sing nor to guard their own freedom together. We would thus become just some incalculable, distant ancestor, Neanderthal or Australopithecus of the late Athropocene, a side-effect stage of our rise and fall to which we so irresistibly strive.

AUTHOR: Dobrivoje Lale Erić