a+s+cpn program 2022

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From the very beginning of the a+s+cpn selection, the goal was to think about, practicaly adopt and constantly test the modalities of collaborative work that connects science and art, and on the basis of which art+science works are created. Initiating and establishing true cooperation between actors from the artistic, scientific and technological spheres requires openness, commitment and a research spirit. In this process, questions are asked and answers are sought using the perspectives and knowledge of all parties involved. The a+s+cpn selection is a highly dynamic process within the Center's art+science program, based on a network of diverse collaborators, through which creators of younger generations are encouraged and gradually included.

In the four years since it was initiated, the a+s+cpn selection has gathered more than 50 participants who, through meetings, discussions, workshops and various exchanges, as well as with the active expert support of thirty professionals and scientists, designed, tested, created and exhibited eight works of interdisciplinary teams.

This year, the selection opened the door to young and unestablished authors. Ekotopie was created within a framework focused on study and research, exchange of experiences, learning and unlearning, through the mentoring of individual sensibilities towards collective experience and cognition. Examining cooperation zones that erase the boundaries of practice is the research space of Sunčica Pasuljević-Kandić, who with her approach aims to provide active support and acquisition of practical knowledge to future artists. On this occasion, together with the students of the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad - Julijana Pavlović, Marija Mitić, Mila Stojanović, Una Mladenović and Sara Mladenović - a synergistic whole was woven that connects different personalities, ideas and skills. Cooperation is, to a certain extent, an exit from the comfort zone, and an opening to something new and different. It requires understanding, mutual respect and willingness to change.

The a+s+cpn model itself is constantly being reviewed and upgraded which heralds different and diverse approaches in the future. They may be more successful, but the key is that new values ​​and new knowledge are gained with each subsequent step.