Meandering River

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»Meandering River« is an audiovisual installation comprised of real-time visuals generated by an algorithm and music composed by an A.I. This digital artwork makes change perceivable by creating a unique awareness of time. Spanning over multiple screens, the piece reinterprets the shifting behaviors of rivers by visualizing and sonifying their impact on the surface of the earth.

The audiovisual installation creates a bird’s eye view of a landscape. This orientation conceptualizes a new human perspective on space and time, in an attempt to decipher the unpredictable patterns. Based on a bespoke algorithm, the rippling and oscillating movement inherent in the generated imagery, provides a vantage point that transforms an understanding of progress, to examine the rhythm of natural forces.

onformative creates meaningful works that challenge the boundaries between art, design and technology. Staying true to an open process, the outcome of their works take on varying forms across media through self-initiated and commissioned projects that range from interactive media installations, generative design and dynamic visuals to data-driven narratives.

Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Production: Aurélien Krieger
Code & Design: Henryk Wollik
Research: João da Fonseca, Luca Lolli
Audio Concept & Composition: kling klang klong

Hardware Provider: ICT AG | Berlin