Stemming from the exceptionally successful collaboration within the European Digital Art & Science Network − Art & Science project, the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab − AI Lab project involves a great number of the initial partners from Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Spain, and Serbia, as well as the new institutions from France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, and Georgia.

Within the widespread and all-encompassing domain of artificial intelligence, the project will mainly focus on the cultural, psychological, and philosophical aspects that are under a great impact of the new technologies and scientific findings. The traditional frameworks of the individual and collective identity have undoubtedly become questionable, and our societies, as well as the contemporary civilization at large, are going through substantial changes. The project will keep the established and successfully tested practice of the open calls, the artistic residencies in the key scientific institutions from around the world, and the production of original work, created based on the launched calls for proposals and the proclaimed principles

Each organization within the network develops diverse program activities independently - exhibits, educational workshops, conferences, seminars, performances - and again, as in the previous project, entirely original, unique collaborative events will be realized in Linz, Ljubljana, Saragosa, Tbilisi, Athens, Amsterdam, Dublin, Belgrade…

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