Art and science in real and virtual space

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The sixth edition of the art+science program of the Center for the Promotion of Science, under the slogan "Worlds of Artificial Intelligence", is held from September 23 until October 23, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, Cervantes Institute Gallery and Science Club of the Center for Promotion of Science.

During September and October, the art+science manifestation will present to the public a wide range of works created through interdisciplinary cooperation of artists, scientists and other participants, which illuminate and re-examine some of the most important topics of today through the prism of artificial intelligence.

National selection: from dancing to the pollution of the Danube

The winning work of the national selection for 2021 – BINEMA – is a long-term project of choreographer Marko Milić, through which contemporary dance is studied in a scientific context. The work is being developed in cooperation with science mentors from the Clean Cadet project, funded through the first program for artificial intelligence of the Science Fund, Dr. Jelena Slivka and Dr. Nikola Luburić, from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

In addition to the production of the winning work of the national AI Lab selection, a unique scientific and artistic research of the interdisciplinary team of the Anatomy of Fatberg project will be presented. Through research and interventions of the author's team, which consists of artists and researchers in the field of machine learning and the field of environmental protection, a large database of anthropogenic pollution of the Danube and the contribution that we all, as individuals, (un)consciously make via our daily actions are processed and catalytically represented.

AI Realities

This year's program under the slogan "Worlds of Artificial Intelligence" is based on critical and creative observation, reading and interpretation of values, systems and possibilities of artificial intelligence, while the thematic framework is contextualized in works by artists from Denmark, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain and the USA.

"The most important places for the meeting of science and art are in ourselves, that is, in opening ourselves to different spheres and possibilities, and breaking down many invisible barriers and prejudices that shutter and direct us. It is obvious how different science and art are, but when you really dive into them, it is possible to see incredible parallels, closeness, thirst for knowledge and discoveries… Methodologies are fundamentally different, the results too, but internal motives and impulses to establish something new or to confirm it are identical ", explains Dobrivoje Lale Erić, head of the Sector for International Cooperation of CPS and selector of the art+science program. "Our goal is to provide space and a platform for confrontation and exchange in order to, in fact, create original, authorial works, which absorb and comprise of the approaches, values and knowledge of all parties involved", says Lale Erić.

Cervantes Institute Gallery and accompanying programs

The work SKEENS by Spanish artist Elisa Cuesta will be presented on September 8 in the Gallery of the Cervantes Institute, and the audience will be able to experience part of what awaits them at the end of September, when the official opening of the art+science event is announced.

The audience can expect a diverse accompanying program that consists of educational workshops for preschoolers, elementary and high school students, masterclass lectures, performances, guided tours. All these programs are free and open to the public, with required compliance with current epidemiological measures.

Ars Electronica

The Center for the Promotion of Science is once again participating in Ars Electronica 2021 - the festival of art, technology and society - which will be held in a virtual space from September 8 to 12: dozens of partner institutions around the world open virtual gardens with their own content. All interested parties can expect numerous exhibitions, lectures, conferences, films, workshops and tours, with a focus on the scope and possibilities of action to achieve a "new digital agreement".

About the European Artificial Intelligence Laboratory project

This year, the sixth the art+science event is part of the Center's program activities within the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) project, funded through the EU's Creative Europe program. AI Lab gathers 13 diverse institutions dealing with the connections between art, technology and society. By initiating dialogue and interdisciplinary cooperation, numerous topics are touched upon that are generated by artificial intelligence and a future based on this supertechnology is analyzed. The project does not dwell on technological aspects, but primarily takes into account and interprets the cultural, philosophical, ethical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the changes that AI undoubtedly brings. At the same time, the art+science program was recognized through the national Smart Specialization Strategy (4S), as an experimental combination of science and art, the implementation and evaluation of which the Center for the Promotion of Science is in charge.

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