BINEMA | Marko Milić

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When we talk about filter bubbles or Echo Chambers, we automatically think of social media, but what will happen if we think about everything else, such as myths, our intimate stories, knowledge clusters, loneliness and personal preferences?

BINEMAs are humanised AI-like systems that capture verbal and nonverbal movements in your behavior, and translate them into contemporary dance. BINEMAs, similar to algorithms, determine which content you get to see based on your interactions with them. By co-creating danceprint with BINEMAs you could contemplate the direct result of filter bubbles, such as polarisation of societies, amplification of biases, less tolerance for opposing views, more vulnerability to fake news, or just forget yourself in another art-sci content.

BINEMA is the winning project of the art+science AI Lab national selection for 2021, realised in collaboration with the Clean CaDET AI project funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia. BINEMA is a long term study of dance as a phenomenon in a scientific context, combining an artistic, scientific, and personal interest in exploring the (con)temporality of dance. BINEMA as AI (Art Intelligence) was initially developed at the Bosch Research Campus in Renningen, within the framework of the “WimmelResearch-Fellowship”, a joint project between Robert Bosch GmbH, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Wimmelforschung.

Scientific mentors:

Prof. assoc. Jelena Slivka, university of Novi Sad, faculty of technical sciences

Ass. prof. Nikola Luburić, university of Novi Sad, faculty of technical sciences

Project associates:

Jelena Joksimović, CPN

Danijela Vučićević, CPN

Marko Milić (1981) works as an author in the field of contemporary dance and multimedia. He created and co-created several works, most notably: Kejv/DILF, KOREOEROTIKON, PSP, ЯTUCORA and LUMI. Marko Milić is one of the founders of STATION – Service for contemporary dance, that deals with the production and promotion of contemporary dance and performing arts in Serbia and the region.