Shining moment in between | Dejan Vračarević

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Shining moment in between (a mapped projection in spatially limited circumstances) is a practical and theoretical exploration of the change in perception of space and environment through the use of digital technology. Focus is on creating audio-visual sequences made out of digitized archive material, animation, and reproduction of videos in real time. Through determined goals, the focus of the project is on the impact of the mapped projection as a particular work of socially engaged art on the public space.

Practical realisation of the art project is conducted according to the explorations of the field of mapped projection and the use of digital technologies through information systems of data processing. The mechatronic system as a unified medium (picture, sound, and movement) was used and presented in the project. In terms of content and theme, the artist has, through the mapped projection, using programmable logic controllers, presented the phenomenon of “human - machine” interaction in a mass media information environment.

The work is part of the doctoral artistic project realized under the mentorship of the assoc. prof. Dejan Grba, in the Digital Art programme at the Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Art in Belgrade.

Dejan Vračarević (1970) graduated in the School of Design, Union University in Belgrade, and since 2006 is engaged at the Belgrade Polytechnic as a lecturer in the field of industrial product design. His pedagogical work is dedicated to exploration of teaching methodologies in the field of applied art and design. So far, he has completed over 60 projects in the field of industrial design, interior design and digital visualisation. He has exhibited work and won awards and acknowledgements at numerous exhibitions, art festivals and technical fairs in the country and abroad.