(Multi)facing anxiety

Project raises awareness and helps destigmatize anxiety disorders. The exploration of anxiety evolves through an interactive audio-visual installation, with audio testimonies of people who have once felt it strongly. While listening to the statements, visitors are in the mirror-circled room, an illusory infinite space, surrounded by the multiplied lights reflecting the differences in brain waves in a relaxed and aroused anxious state. They are asked to place a GSR device on their index finger in order to generate and record signals based on their emotional response to the story and the environment. The GSR responses are compared in order to explore how the experiences of anxiety influence the visitors and whether they respond to the same stimuli in a similar way.

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Sacrifices for the greater good

Ever since the beginning of time, the deep emotional bonds have been inevitably created between humans and animals whenever they interact, and the relationship between scientists and laboratory animals is no exception. “Sacrifices for the greater good” is the sincerest symbiosis of science and art, which is precisely why it can attempt to evoke the difficult and moving symbiosis that arises between scientists and laboratory animals. We want to show you this relationship in its barest form, with the utmost respect for the animals, that have indebted us so much.

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