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About the Portal

The art+science portal represents a virtual platform for the art+science program, which connects and unites the contemporary art scene with scientists and scientific institutions in our country, as well as on an international scale.

The Center for the Promotion of Science, emphasizes relevant scientific and social topics through the art+science program, interpreting them through interdisciplinary collaborations based on the use of contemporary artistic practices and new technologies.

Our goal is to provide individuals, organizations, and institutions – artists and scientists – operating at the intersection of art and science, with a space for collective reflection and creation.

Additionally, we share current news, calls for collaborations between artists and scientists, and all other information relevant to this field.

About Us

Dobrivoje Lale Erić

Dobrivoje Lale Erić, art historian, Head of the International Cooperation Department at the Center for the Promotion of Science. Coordinator of the art+science program.


„In a society with complex heritage and intricate social circumstances, education and science stand among the rare comparative advantages on a global level. I believe that through collaborative effort and active engagement, we can achieve a society of sustainable development, where key values stem from education and science. When we add cultural values and art to this, I am convinced that we are on the right path!“

Dr. Petar Laušević, electrical engineer, advisor for international cooperation at the Center for the Promotion of Science. Coordinator of the art+science program.

„I love science and I am involved in it because it offers the opportunity for constant reflection and work on new visions of the future. Scientific topics that inspire me are renewable sources and energy storage, and lately, I am increasingly drawn to artificial intelligence and the impact of new technologies on society.“

Dr. Bojan Kenig, biologist, advisor in the Program Activities Sector at the Center for the Promotion of Science. Coordinator and scientific collaborator within the art+science program.

„Science enables an understanding of the world around us. Continuous examination, asking questions, and experimentation are part of my work, but they are also integral to other aspects of my life.“

Dr. Marjana Brkić, biologist, Acting Director of the Center for the Promotion of Science. Collaborator on the art+science program.

„I began to engage in science communication as a doctoral student, realizing how important it is for scientists to open the doors of their laboratories and inform the public about what, how, and why they do what they do, in order to demystify the entire process of scientific research.“

Ljiljana Ilić, Germanist, Communication Consultant at the Cultural Center of Belgrade.

Editor of the art+science portal.

„In addition to being fascinated by technological achievements that allow us to overcome space and time and connect more quickly, I am most interested in the development of science towards a better quality of life and improved health. I am glad to see that contemporary art and science are increasingly inspiring each other, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to strengthen this connection.“

Ivana Smolović, linguist, lector at the Center for the Promotion of Science. Translator and editor of the portal.

„Science demands that you be imaginative, resourceful, empathetic, and even witty. That’s why it resonates so beautifully with art. This connection is thrilling, and the awareness of how it actually permeates our everyday life makes it endlessly enjoyable.“

Mirjana Utvić, architect engineer. Collaborator within the art+science program.

„Understanding phenomena and scientific methods shatters prejudices and assumptions, leading us into the realm of creative exploration and knowledge creation.“

Slobodan Jovanović Coba, designer. Collaborator within the art+science program and portal designer.

„Activities, campaigns, and topics related to science provide the audience with insight into its significance and have a positive impact on mental development in this age of ‘short attention spans’.“

Vladimir Cicvara, IT support at the Center for the Promotion of Science.

„Information technologies are highly prevalent in science, and the combination of science, technology, and diverse people makes the job dynamic and creative. Promoting science through IT is a challenge that I find exciting.“


If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could work together, please email or call us. Thank you.

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